Description of our Service / products :

- We create the structure of the building with different types of material
- We specialised in fabrication of workshop, weight bridge and factory
- We custom size of building depend on the request of our customer
- We can do the work at any place in Indonesia


Our Customers :
1. PT. Indosafety Santosa Industry
2. PT. Interfoamindo Sentra
3. PT. Jakarta Cakra Tunggal Steel
4. PT. Kwang Hwa Shing Industrial
5. PT. Bahtera Bersaudara
6. PT. Pancuran Kaapit Sendang
7. PT. Sanly Industries
8. PT. Quantum Plasmatech
9. PT. Saneng Industrial
10. PT. Tsuang Hine Industrial
11. PT. Yi Shen Industrial