Description of our Service / products :

- We do trading for raw materials, spare parts, machineries, chemicals, waste
  by products and others especially for Iron & Steel industries, Oil & Gas
  industries, Petro Chemical Industries
- We sourcing suppliers from overseas, such as China, Korea, Japan, Germany
  and also eastern Europe. We do selling as for Indonesia domestic market and
  also still trying to opening overseas market as well


Our Customers :
1. PT. Krakatau Steel
2. PT. Gunung Garuda Steel
3. PT. Jakarta Cakra Tunggal Steel
4. PT. Master Steel & Group
5. PT. Jakarta Steel Megah Utama
6. PT. Jindal Steel

7. PT. Tobu Steel
8. PT. Jakarta Central Asia Steel
9. PT. Adhi Karya
10.and other iron & steel mills including
    Pertamina (Oil&Gas Industries) and
    also all of our workshops as customer