Automotive Repair Facilities

-Crankshaft Grinding Machine
-Precision Cylinder Boring Machine
-Vertical Boring Machine
-Line Boring Machine for Main & Camshaft Bearing
-Connecting Rod, Boring & Grinding Machine
-Valve & Rocker Arm Refacer Machine
-Valve Seat Boring & Grinding Machine
-Surface Milling & Grindind Machine
(for Cylinder Head Berck & Flat Surface)
-Universal Lathe Grinding Machine
(for Brake Drum & Disk)
-Vertical Grinder
-Crankshaft Submerge Welding Machine
-Balancing Machine
-Other Machine


The economic growth of Indonesia is in high gear this last decade. Tjokro Group as pioneer in automotive repair industry has made a major contribution in this field. You can always rely on our decades of experience, skilled personnels and modern facilities to give the best service. Our repair targets are not only automobiles components, but also components from ships, trains, airplanes, tractors heavy duty equipments and industrial machinary.
The Precision technology and workmanship developed during last many years , Tjokro Group has specialisation of repairing shopisticated machines , reconditioning of engines for Railways, Ships, Aeroplanes, Tractors, Automotive and Similar Equipments. From tiny small components to large Crank Shafts, anything can be repaired.