Tjokro Group is also reputed in the manufacture of high quality components and forging based finished products. The components are manufactured to meet stringent quality requirements of customers. Our facility and technology can fulfill most needs and requirements of small to large components. Forging, combined with precision machining workshop and heat treatment ensures finished component orders are delivered to customers satifaction.
The Precision technology and workmanship developed during last many years , Tjokro Group has specialisation of repairing shopisticated machines , reconditioning of engines for Railways, Ships, Aeroplanes, Tractors, Automotive and Similar Equipments. From tiny small components to large Crank Shafts, anything can be repaired.
Even a perfect design needs a functional production system to be materialized into a useful product. We implement production concept acquired through technology transfer made possible by combination of skilled workers and high speed precission machinaries; plus quality controll check points applied on every critical steps, from raw materials to finished products.