Serve us as a powerful tool to tailor desired material property through normalizing,
annealing, carbonitriding process. The facility includes a set of electronically controlled
carburizing tempering furnace, high frequency induction heater. The final property is
confirmed in our material laboratory equipped with Microstructure analyzer,
microhardness tester, rockwell, vickers Brinnell hardness tester. standards.

The expertise in Service and Manufacturing Industry has given an edge for our Construction activities. We have succesfully erected and commissioned pretigious projects in the fields of cement, glass, paper and pulp, sugar, palm oil and others. Projects are completed in record time with optimum results due to our advance and modern techniques skilled human resources.

Last but not least is our foundry, the first step of many products. We can cast ferrous and non ferrous metals such as : cast iron, brass, bronze, alumunium, and alloys etc.

However, for particular castings, we collaborate with other foundry specialists for higher benefit of our clients.