Gear Manufacturing Facilites:

-CNC Lathe Machine
-Universal Lathe Machine
-Gear Hobbing Machine
-Gear Shapping Machine
-Gear Shaving Machine
-Spline & Broaching Machine
-Machining Centre
(Milling CNC-Machine)
-Cylindrical Surface Grinder



Gears are critical components in all the industries. Tjokro Group manufactures various types of gears. Gears are manufactured to the precision and close tolerances of the customers, meeting National and International Standards. Apart from domestic market, the gears are exported to many countries like Japan, America, Canada, Australia and Singapore. Tjokro Group manufactures gears meeting specific requirements of the customers.
Major types of gears are Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, Worm Gears, Sprockets etc. The quality of gears is ensured by thorough inspection using shopisticated precision equipments for checking of Tolerance, Surface Finish, Hardness and other critical requirements.
Gears are principal components as power transmitters for any mechanical systems. In accordance with the governments's program towards self-sufficient industrialization, we have pioneered in producing precission gears that meet various international standards