Heavy Duty & General Repair Facilities

-Double Column Vertical Lathe
Max. Dia up to 6000 mm
-Heavy Duty Facing Lathe
Max. Dia up to 5000 mm
-Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe
Max. Dia up to 12000 mm
-Double Column Milling Machine (Plano Miller)
Max. Size up to L3000 X W2500 X H2000 mm
-Horizontal Milling and Boring
Max. Size up to L3000 X W2000 X H2000 mm
-Single/Double Column Planner Machine
Max Size up to L6000 X W1800 X H1800 mm
-Heavy Duty Radial Drilling
Max. Radius up to 4000 mm
-Super Universal Lateral Milling Machine
Max. Size up to L7000 X W1500 X H4000 mm
-Various kind od Lathe, Milling and Drilling Machines
-Shaping Machine
-Slotting Machine
-Horizontal & Cylindrical Grinding Machines
-Internal Grinding Machine



Tjokro Group has dedicated workshop of Gigantic Machines for repairing and maintenance of Heavy Duty Equipments. Turnkey projects are taken for the servicing, maintenance or commissioning of plants in various sectors such as steel, cement, textile, chemicals, paper, sugar,and palm oil. The sophisticated workshop can take up maintenance of any type of jobs. Tjokro Group helps to develop the spares or repair the components expeditiously to avoid production stoppages.

Heavy duty equipment are essential for today's economic / industrial activities.

Our fleet of large scale machinaries are capable to accomodate components of steel, cement, textile, chemical, paper, sugar, palm oil and other capital intensive industries equipment to be repaired, maintained or rebuilt