Heat Treatment of component is very crucial to increase the performance and life of the products. Tjokro Group is professional in Heat Treatment service to automobile and motorcycles components. The Heat Treatment plant is equipped with modern facilities :
1. High Frequency Induction Furnace.
2. Gas Carburising, Nitriding Furnace.
3. Tempering Furnace.
Components are given suitable Heat Treatment such as Gas Nitriding, Gas Carburising, Hardening, Tempering, Annealing, Normalizing etc
Serve us as a powerful tool to tailor desired material property through normalizing, annealing, carbonitriding process. The facility includes a set of electronically controlled carburizing tempering furnace, high frequency induction heater. The final property is confirmed in our material laboratory equipped with Microstructure analyzer, microhardness tester, rockwell, vickers Brinnell hardness tester.